B500 Power Wheelchair

Ultimate flexibility, highly personalised

Available in 5 different designs, all B500 models feature outstanding operational safety and service friendliness, are available with a selection of comfortable control options and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. With optionally available modules, each model can be customised to create the individual B500 model every user really needs: with extended electric seat options, electric seat tilt up to 45°, Contour and Recaro seats or electric lighting.

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What you need to know

Advantages to you

Customisable design

Thanks to its modular design the B500 offers various adaptation possibilities. Seat height and seat inclination can be quickly and easily adjusted wherever you are thus representing the basis for more independence. With the modular building block system – separate construction of chassis, seating units and control – individual adaptations can be easily made.

B500 Online

The B500 online power wheelchair has a load capacity of up to 140kg (309 lbs) and is equipped with a VR2 control unit. Its reliable motors reach a top speed of up to 8 km/h. 63 Ah (C5) batteries, plastic footplates and arm rests with clothing protectors all come as standard. For enhanced safety, the B500 online can be equipped with electric lighting as well as aluminium footplates.

B500 E-europe

Takes all the features of the B500 online with the addition of a 20° tilt and quietly adjustable back angle.

B500 Classic

The B500 classic comes with the easy to use enAble40 control electronics as standard, offering two electric seat options and programmable using the integrated control unit. The comfort of the seating systems can be enhanced even further with the new electric seat tilt option up to 45°, back angle adjustment option or angle-adjustable leg rests. The B500 classic is the only model in the B500 family which offers the mechanically swivelling centre tray control unit, allowing the entire tray to be used.

B500 Advanced

While its features and characteristics are identical to the B500 classic, the B500 advanced offers ultimate comfort and is equipped with the programmable 75A enAble50 electronic control unit. It supports a total of four electric seat options which can also be individually optimised with electric seat tilt up to 45°, electric back angle adjustment and angle-adjustable leg rests. A seat lift option with a load capacity of up to 130 kg is also available.

B500 Plus

The B500 plus is additionally equipped with an infrared and Bluetooth interface, through which all Ottobock special controls and ASL products can be used. These alternative input devices can be used to drive the wheelchair and to control the electric seat functions and a wide range of terminal devices (environment control).

Technical info

At a glance

  • Individually adaptable
  • 6 km/h, optional 10 km/h
  • 60 Ah wet cell batteries and optional 75 Ah gel batteries
  • Setting of the center of gravity by means of the seat position and 2 distances
  • between axles
  • Electrical lighting optional
  • Electrical tilt in space
  • Electrical back recline
  • Seat height 45/50/55/60 cm with a standard seat
  • Optional contoured seat and Recaro
  • seat modules



B500/B600 Family - Brochure

B500/B600 Family - Brochure

B500 Classic/Advanced - User Manual

B500 Classic/Advanced - User Manual

B500 Online/E-europe - User Manual

B500 Online/E-europe - User Manual

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