Hand pads

Your individual positioning needs will be met by one of the fours styles of hand pads available:

  • Palm extensor modular pad
  • Horn type modular pad
  • Cone type modular pad
  • Modular flat hand pad

Click on the red "hot spots" to learn more about each hand pad.

All are designed to work with a variety of arm rests. Visit mobilitydirect.com for a wide selection of accessories and support

Palm extensor modular pad

Support surface with built-up arch for the palm for mild to moderate positioning needs.

Horn type modular pad

Support surface with a raised arch support at the palm. This pad encourages slight supination, or rotation on the palm facing upward.

Cone type modular pad

This hand pad support system has a built-in cone for individulas with more involved positioning needs. It encourages supination, or the slight rotation of the hand upward, to assist with tone reduction.

Modular flat hand pad

The support surface is for individuals with mild positioning needs, and/or to mount custom positioning shapes or support hand splints.