Ottobock tech transforms manual wheelchairs for greater freedom and comfort

e-Support wheelchair solution.

Ottobock provides the perfect solution for those who want to stay active but still want to have the option for power assistance when required.

The eSupport is a power assist for manual wheelchairs designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. It is robust, reliable and easy to operate and handle – these characteristics set the eSupport apart as an individual power assist.

Simon Tempest, Head of Business Unit – Mobility Solutions at Ottobock, said:

“There are many benefits a manual wheelchair can offer such as exercise, ease of transportation and cost. However, there can also be drawbacks like fatigue, stress on joints and difficulties on inclines and uneven terrain. For long term manual wheelchair users who may have started to feel the pain from the many years of use, the eSupport offers an opportunity to continue to self-propel while reducing the risk of repetitive stress injuries.

“By providing the assistance needed the eSupport can also open up new possibilities for those who don’t have enough strength to push a manual chair for long periods but don’t want to go for a powered wheelchair. It also ensures you maintain sufficient energy reserves for everyday so you don’t get exhausted.”

The eSupport has up to a 30km range and thanks to a short charging time doesn’t take long to be ready for use again. It can be personally configured with the two drive programs to the individual’s requirements and preference. The design of the eSupport makes it particularly transport friendly, due to its low overall weight and low-weight components. In addition, the eSupport does not prevent the wheelchair from folding in the usual way.

With its sleek design combined with being safe, durable and reliable the eSupport is the perfect answer for those looking for independence when wanted and support when needed.

It is compatible with Motus, Avantgarde, Ventus, Start wheelchair and additional wheelchairs upon request.

Key features

• Power assist compliments user’s arm strength, with individual adjustment

• Directional stability

• All components are integrated into the two drive wheels

• Efficient drive

• Choice of lithium-ion or nickel-metal-hydride battery

• Easy adjustment

• Wheelchair can be folded with the eSupport in situ

Technical data

• Speed 6 km / h

• Charging time 4.5 h

• Maximum range 30 km (lithium-ionen battery)

• 24" drive wheel weight 6.9 kg

• Total weight without wheelchair: 17.6 kg (lithium-ionen battery) 18 kg (nickel-metal-hydrid battery)

• Max. user weight 125 kg

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