Kimba Neo children's buggy

Kimba Neo, the newest member of the Kimba family!

What you need to know

Advantages for you

Adjustable push handles

Ergonomic, height adjustable pushbar with soft grips.

  • Adjust by simply pressing in the buttons on either side.

Easy to transport, easy to store

Trigger activated, folds in one simple step.

  • The seat stays in the original position on the lower frame.
  • Folding makes it easy to transport and store.

Front facing

Position your child so you’re face-to-face—or turn your child to take in the world as it comes.

  • Make it easy to supervise your child.
  • Facing caregiver can keep kids calm.


It’s important for kids to change position frequently.

The continuously adjustable tilt-in-space is adjusted with a single control.

  • Rest position relieves pressure on the spine.
  • All original settings are maintained while tilting.

Go where you need to go

Kimba has a base for every need.

  • Kimba Neo for incredible, daily support.
  • Kimba Indoor - hight to low base for eating, work, and play at the table.
  • Kimba Cross for off-roading and rugged terrain.
  • Kimba Inline - same great options and support—times two!

Seating options to fit your child

The Kimba works with a wide variety of seating systems, which can be used with many 3rd party seats.

There’s sure to be a solution to fit your child. Have a look at our seating solutions!

Seating solutions

Seating solutions

The Kimba works with a wide variety of seating systems, including the Mygo seat, Squiggles seat, Ottobock NUTEC custom configured seating system, and Ottobock MPS seat. We’ve got a seating system sure to fit your child’s needs.

NUTEC custom configured seat on Kimba Neo

NUTEC custom configured seating is based on precise measurements and delivers a seat that is made-to-measure just for your child. You can select the frame finish and even personalize the seat fabric with a name or picture.

Contoured seat back
The back is curved, taking on a more natural and comfortable shape.

Flip-away hardware
Lateral supports move out of the way to make it easier for the child to be seated.

Built in medial thigh support
Integrated thigh supports add more reinforcement exactly where it’s needed.

Ottobock MPS seat on Kimba Neo

The MPS seat provides support and positioning that is adjustable, and offers multiple accessories to adapt to your child’s needs. It’s a perfect fit for kids up to 77 lbs!

Butterfly harness
The harness snaps open to make getting in and out of the seat easier.

Adjustable seat depth and width
Make changes to the width and depth of the seat to fit the child.

Undercut seat base
May help decrease the risk of pressure sores at the back of the knee for kids with knee flexion contractures.

Frame Options

Frame Options

The Kimba family includes a variety of frame options, for jogging, getting out with twins, or changing height at home.

Kimba Cross All Terrain

Get out and enjoy the world!

The Kimba Cross All Terrain is made to move. Take off across grassy parks, head down gravel paths, and take on rugged roads with ease.

Thanks to a low center of gravity, a spring system for the seat, large pneumatic tires, and a drum brake, the Kimba® Cross lets you get out and move while keeping you and your child safe.

  • On rugged terrain, the integrated shock absorption system absorbs the impacts so the child stays comfortable and properly positioned.
  • Kimba Cross All Terrain can be used with either the swivel or rigid front wheel to take on different environments, from the mall to outdoor paths.
  • An optional Cycle Trailer attachment allows the Kimba Cross to be attached to a bicycle for even more family fun.
  • The frame folds down to make it easy to stow away in the car.
  • A great solution for kids with higher tone who need more postural control.
  • Pushbar easily adjusted for height.
  • Sun canopy with viewing window available.

Kimba Inline

Great for two kids!

The Kimba Inline is a solid solution for families who need to transport two children—while keeping the option for tilt-in-space.

Each seat can be individually positioned to fit each child’s needs and can be adjusted to grow with the child. Both seats are also rear-facing adjustable and come with attractive sun canopies. The Twin Inline can be quickly folded into a compact size to fit into a car or stowed away at home.

  • Grows with your kids! Continuously adjustable frame length allows for individual growth and development
  • Face them forwards, backwards, or towards each other The two seating units can be positioned facing forward or backwards. Smaller size seats can even be positioned so the kids face each other. (Or backs to each other!)
  • Easy storage Folding aluminum frame with automatic folding guards creates a compact size for easy storage and transport.

Kimba Indoor Base

Your home base!

The Kimba Indoor Base serves as "home base" for a Kimba seating unit.

The seat can be transferred easily from the Kimba Neo, Kimba Cross or Kimba Tandem.

  • The tilt-in-space frame allows for proper positioning whether you’re strolling along, feeding your child, or simply need to change their position.
  • It also has a manual lift to adjust height.
  • Its four swiveling twin-roller caster wheels make the Home Underframe extremely maneuverable in small spaces.

Technical info

Kimba Neo technicap specifications
Multifunc. seating unit 471C71=00000_K Size 1 Size 2
Overall width 23 5/8"
60 cm
27 5/8"
70 cm
Front wheel diameter (caster wheel) 6 5/8 "
17 cm
6 7/8"
17 cm
Front wheel diameter (fixed version) 11"
28 cm
28 cm
Push handle height (min./max.) 28 / 45 5/8"
71 / 116 cm
28 / 45 5/8"
71 / 116 cm
Seat tilt (min./max.) -10°/+35° -10°/+35°
Maximum load capacity of frame 121.3 lbs
55 kg
121.3 lbs
55 kg
Maximum load capacity of storage basket 15.4 lbs
7 kg
15.4 lbs
7 kg
Weight of mobility base 23.1 lbs
10.5 kg
25.3 lbs
11.5 kg
Folding size without seat (L x W x H) 31 1/4 x 23 5/8 x 18 1/8"
79 x 60 x 46
38 1/4 x 26 3/8 23 1/4"
97 x 67 x 59 cm
Seat width 7 ½ - 12 ¼"
19 – 31 cm
9 ½ - 15 ¾
24 – 40 cm
Seat depth 8 – 11 ¾"
20 – 30 cm
10 ¼ - 13 ¾"
26 – 35 cm
Backrest height 16 ¾ – 24"
41 – 61 cm
22 – 27 ½"
56 – 70 cm
Backrest inclination 80°–180° 80°–180°
Height of slots for shoulder straps (min./max.) 11 ¾ - 17 ¾"
30 / 45 cm
13 ¾ - 19 ½"
35 / 50 cm
Width of shoulder strap slots 2"
5 cm
5 cm
Lower leg length 7 ½ - 12 ¼"
19 – 31 cm
8 – 14 ½"
20 – 37 cm
Max. load capacity for use in a wheelchair
accessible vehicle
54.4 lbs
27 kg
88 lbs
40 kg
Weight of seating unit 16.5 lbs
7.5 kg
17.6 lbs
8 kg
Folding size with lateral supports (L x W x H 22 ¾ x 14 ½ x 16 ½"
58 x 37 x 42
23 ½ x 17 x 22 ¾"
59 x 43 x 58


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